The Need

IMG_0727Individuals who work helping others, such as relief workers, first responders, counselors, and social workers, suffer from emotional fatigue and burn-out at higher rates than individuals in other professions. The same is true for those who serve in ministry, such as pastors and cross-cultural workers. The risk of collateral damage is particularly sobering for those in the ministry, who are offering spiritual care and oversight to others while often not receiving spiritual care themselves.

Thrive Again exists because there are Christians who have left their home and what is familiar to them, to take the Truth to others: to teach, encourage, and meet needs of other people. Thrive Again exists because cross-cultural workers are not immune to spiritual weakness, temptation, inter-personal conflict outside and within the family, and other difficulties that can send them home prematurely. Thrive Again exists because no one is expendable in the Kingdom of God. We seek to lower attrition and raise the level of spiritual and emotional health of the community of cross-cultural workers, one person at a time.