Practically Speaking

We offer pastoral care within the context of relationships. Jeremy and Rachel personally interact with our clients and many times those interactions deepen into a pastoral relationship. We specialize in listening without harsh judgement, giving friendly feedback based on our experience and understanding, and praying for our clients with an emphasis on their spiritual health, well-being, and growth. Also, quite often, we share Truth from the Word of God that speaks to the client’s current spiritual, emotional, or physical situation.


Interactions take place in person, in writing, and also over the telephone. Thrive Again is committed to going the extra mile and bringing these interactions into fruition. Resources can be scarce in this field, but we are committed to the personal nature of these relationships. To be heard, acknowledged, affirmed, and loved is a basic need for cross-cultural workers to be able to survive in this field/profession. It is well-established that service-oriented professions are detrimental to the long-term health of the individuals operating in those fields. In order for individuals to maintain their own health and well-being while they look after the health and well-being of others, individuals need a solid plan and people to aid them in maintaining their own well-being, as well.


We at Thrive Again are committed to the long-term spiritual health of our clients and others serving in the work of world evangelization.


In the coming months and years, we will offer expanded hospitality to those visiting central Texas, resources for churches to provide excellent pastoral care to their own workers, and also specialized care, as needed.