About Us

Thrive Again is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose goal is to aid in the task of world evangelization by providing pastoral support to those who are active in this task. Our founders, Jeremy and Rachel, have actively served cross-cultural workers for many years and formally incorporated in 2016. Thrive Again conducts business in such a manner that the Board and Founders will not be ashamed when answering either to our Creator, our partners, or our government.

Our Founders

Jeremy and Rachel met and married while attending Texas A&M University. Jeremy served as a bi-vocational pastor from 1998 to 2013. During that time, he cultivated a practice of shepherding men and women through difficult times in life, providing care and resources which enabled them to spiritually thrive.

Rachel has faithfully served alongside Jeremy with similar practices. She has actively developed caring and hospitable relationships with cross-cultural workers, has traveled overseas to strengthen those ties, and has networked with others to provide care and resources for families who are in crisis.

Over time, Jeremy and Rachel have seen how their unique gifts and passions meet the need of pastoral care experienced in this population of workers.

Please contact us at jeremy@thrive-again.org or rachel@thrive-again.org.

Our Board

Thrive Again’s board of directors is comprised of men and women similarly concerned for the spiritual well-being of cross-cultural workers. These are businessmen and women, parents, pastors, and those active in other nonprofit endeavors, both religious and secular. They serve on the Board out of their deep love for God and their belief in the mission of Thrive Again.